About correspondence accompanied with new Coronavirus(2019-nCoV)’s infection spread.

In light of the fact that new Coronavirus(2019-nCoV)’s infection having been spreading throughout the countries, we would like to inform about our policy on this matter.

Regarding business trips to China

  • For the time being until the spread of infection to subside, we basically prohibit our employees from all business trips to China.
  • The employees who have returned from China are to stay at home and work remotely for two weeks after returning to Japan.

Regarding our subsidiaries in China

Our following four subsidiaries in China are operating normally while considering their employees’ health and hygiene; currently there is no impact on the production and shipping.

  • Kashiyama Kingtek Shanghai Limited (Shanghai)
  • Kashiyama (Xi’an) Co., Ltd. (Xi’an)
  • Changshu Kashiyama Co., Ltd. (Changshu)
  • Donggang Kashiyama Co.,Ltd. (Donggang)

Regarding our employees

  • We prepare alcohol disinfectants at our employee and customer entrances to encourage frequent disinfection.
  • Employees who have a fever and are suspected to be infected with the new coronavirus must stay at home (or work remotely) for two weeks.
    Other employees who had a close contact with the employee also have to stay at home (or work remotely) for a week.

Regarding visiting our company

In order to prevent spreading infections, the visitors are required to fill in the form at the entrance asking about;

  • if they have a fever over 37.5 degrees;
  • if they have a respiratory problem such as cough, sore throat, shortness of breath;
  • if they have been abroad within two weeks;
  • if they have a history of contact with new coronavirus patient or a person suspected of being infected with new coronavirus.

Should the visitors fall into any of the above, we might decline the visitor to enter our facilities.

We will continue necessary and appropriate measures in response to changes in the situation.
We will keep you updated on our website.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding.