Urgent Notice and Apology Regarding the Unauthorized Access at Kashiyama Industries, Ltd.

We, Kashiyama Industries, Ltd., have found that one of our e-mail accounts was illegally accessed by a third party and a large amount of e-mail was sent from the account.

Although it may be possible that the contents of the mailbox were read before the account was shut down, we have not confirmed any leakage of our information assets at this time.

In response to the discovery of the incident, we have taken immediate measures to prevent the damage from spreading.

We express our deepest apologies for causing any kind of concern and inconvenience to anyone who may have been affected by this matter. We will review our information security to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

  1. Situation of unauthorized access
    On December 22, 2020, at 13:45, we received a report of a suspicious email within the company and discovered unauthorized access to the email address “s-emoto@kashiyama.co.jp”.
  2. Measures
    We have suspended the use of the account in question immediately. We have also alerted the relevant parties and asked those who have been affected to change their accounts.
  3. Cause
    We assume that the cause is estimated to be one of our employees’ careless access to a phishing website.
  4. To all recipients of e-mails from the said e-mail address
    If you have received an email from s-emoto@kashiyama.co.jp after 12 pm on December 22, please DO NOT open the email and delete it.
    Click here if you have already opened the email.
    Procedures for Responding to the Information Security Incident (PDF)

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