SD Series



Inheritance and Evolution of Process Durability

Major Products

Max. pumping speed
Ultimate pressure
[Pa] *2
N2 purge[SLM]0~800~120
Cooling water[L/min]
Power consumption[kW]*
Dimensions [mm]*4L6956958509101050

*1) SDX: Energy-saving, harsh process-compatible; SDT/SDH: Super harsh and process durable
*2) Approximate data while no nitrogen purge  *3) Approximate data while ultimate pressure *4) Package dimension
*5) Please contact our sales representative for more information regarding the product lineup for even greater process robustness.
Specifications and model names are subject to change without prior notice. (For information regarding compatible gases, please inquire with us.)

S-P Curve

S-P Curve
* S-P curves vary by combination.

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  1. Because we are constantly working to improve performance and upgrade our products, specifications and diagrammatic representations in this catalog may change without notice.
  2. Products displayed in this catalog must be approved for export in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Act. Before placing an export order, please contact our Business Department.

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